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Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2002-04-04 05:43:07 (UTC)

I've Seen the Demons, but They Didn't Make a Sound

On the way to Burger King (I finally got my Whopper)
this evening, N asks me if it would be incest if she set me
up with her cousin. This was just too funny for words at
th time. Since he's on her father's side of the family,
and we share no genes, I replied, "No." I said so with a
bit of trepidation-I abhor setups. However, she said he
was really smart and funny. Hrm. I suppose it wouldn't
hurt to meet him. By the way, he's the surprise waiting
for me Saturday night. So it wouldn't do to get completely
schnockered. Ah, well. What could it hurt? She showed me
a photo of him-he's not so bad. I'm nervous, though. I
clam up when I talk to men. I don't know why I have this
borderline phobia of them. I'll take a deep breath and do
my best, though. I hope there are other people there that
I know besides N. It'll really take some pressure off of

I dropped Dad off at the hospital this morning. I
haven't heard from him since. No one's picked him up from
the hospital that I know of. I wish he'd call so I could
know how he's doing. I hope his surgery went well. I
should bake him something. Oatmeal cookies (his favorite)
would be ideal.

A and I decorated the department this evening. It
took us forever-I didn't clock out until 11:12. Our
display was very cute, though. Our crepe paper streamers,
however, were a different story. Pathetic, sloppy, and
just plain shitty are the words that come to mind. We did
try, though. The cheap paper just wouldn't cooperate. We
also picked out our free pair of sandals. I don't know how
I'll survive this weekend looking like an idiot in my luau
garb. But who am I kidding? I'm used to resembling a
complete doofus. Despite our decorating shortcomings, we
are expert thief thwarters. We stopped some mullet-
sporting ass trying to steal boots. We're celebrating our
triumphs with another ice skating trip on Friday (No TMBG-M
has an ear infection). We've discovered that ice skating
is the perfect aerobic exercise. We're bringing Johannah,
too. A and I are going to try and make this a weekly thing
so we can be slim by summer.

I bid thee adieu. My brain is exhausted.