The Nine Faces of Dave
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2002-04-04 05:40:39 (UTC)

got your research paper right here

I'm finally recovering from my illness. Fever was down this
morning, and my other symptoms were much less severe. Looks
like I'll be well again within the next day or two.

Thursday I have a test in my computer science class, which
shouldn't be all that difficult. We get to use a note card
on the test, so all the stuff I don't know cold can just be
put on the card.

On the subject of note cards, my English teacher is forcing
us to use them for our research papers. That is, we have to
put stuff on note cards, then organize our facts and create
a paper out of the mess. Of course, everybody in the class
thinks this is a complete waste of time, but the teacher is
adamant about the value of note cards. She's requiring that
we make ten of them, but I don't think anyone will do more.

So these research papers are a big pain in the arse. Every
senior is required to complete one, but unfortunately, the
guidelines vary from teacher to teacher. We have to prepare
a thesis statement by the Monday after spring break, get ten
note cards done by the following Friday, and have the rough
draft ready by April 26th. Keep in mind that this thing is
supposed to be six to ten pages long.

Anyway, I'm in a fix with my research paper: I can't decide
on a topic. I was originally going to write about the film
career of Joe Don Baker, then I decided to try cult films in
general. Unfortunately, we're required to have two sources
that are books, and I can't find any books on either of my
original subject choices. So now I'm thinking I might write
about Hunter S. Thompson and his work, since there are many
book sources available, and I've read a lot of his stuff, so
I'm well prepared to write six pages about him.

Moving on to other topics, I'll be going to Rochester, NY on
Friday. I've been accepted at the University of Rochester,
so I'm attending an open campus event designed for accepted
students. My parents used to live in Rochester, and despite
the short duration of their time there, they really enjoyed
it. Who knows, maybe I will too.

Later in the month, I'll be visiting Tulane University. The
literature they sent after accepting me was very persuasive,
and the scholarship they offered is enough to make it quite
feasible for me to attend. Just have to see if I can handle
the heat; it is in New Orleans.

Of course, to attend any of these colleges, I have to finish
high school, and that means I have to do my research paper,
note cards and all. Everything depends on clearing the last
few hurdles, and then I'm home free.

This is Dave, wishing you, the reader, a good night.