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2002-04-04 04:49:18 (UTC)

Very Tired, feet ache

Well I just got home from work a little while ago and I am
DEAD tired! My feet are killing me and all the psycho
people were out today buying groceries! I had two drunk
guys come in today and one of them asked me what time I was
getting off. I refused to tell him of course and just told
him REALLY REALLY late! So I told Brian the story and he
was like "I'm walking you out to your car." I was like
okay! I was very glad he did that because I was scared. I
don't like the idea of walking out to my car late at night
when scary people have been there all night! LoL. I worked
an hour later than I was supposed to tonight, but that just
means more money! I get payed tomorrow! YAY first paycheck
at this job. I am SOO glad because my bank account is about
to close out. I haven't put any money in it since May so no
wonder! So I will put some money away tomorrow!
Anyways....let me see what else is new. Nothing really.
I've been going since 8 AM so I am getting pretty sleepy
now. I better get going cuz I think I am actually going to
the beach tomorrow! Later.

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