My Secret Life
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2001-05-21 16:22:54 (UTC)

About Me and This Journal

Hi! My name at this point will remain unknown. I am a
jounior in High School. I will try to update my journal as
often as possible. What this journal will be about is,
well, me! All my life I have kept my secret life to
myself, but as I grow up and mature, it get's harder and
harder to keep this secret to myself. The truth is infact
that I am Gay or Bi. I have yett to figure out which one
it is, but I know i'm one. To this day only whoever is
reading this and partners that i have had (guys) know about
me. In the next couple entry's I will just try and catch
you up to speed and then I will continue after that with
regular entry's day by day. Well, that's all i have to
tell about me and my Journal. I will start the next entry
to catch you up to speed ASAP in my free time. L8er