The Life And Times of Kara
2002-04-04 04:17:46 (UTC)


I often wonder why I write in here. I mean, I confess
parts of my life to complete strangers. Stuff I never tell
my friends...well ok maybe the good ones. I even put a
link to this in my buddy info. So I guess in a way I am
trying to have someone figure me out, cause I sure as hell
can't. I am so confused. Life is so confusing. So many
things happening to me, and I don't know why. Why must it
be this way? Why can't life just be simple? Why do we all
have our little secrets? Well, I know the answer to that
one: it's to make sure the whole world doesn't know every
little detail about you. That is why there is some stuff I
wouldn't dare post in here. Maybe in my journal at home,
but a lot of this stuff I will probably take to the grave.
Then there is this thing called hormones. I was much
happier when I didn't act on them. Or was I? I mean, guys
rock (and some can rock my world any but they
also break my precious heart. Like jackass from the
previous entry. And there have been other, some that have
just been good friends that have completely stopped
talking to me for no reason. There are no hormones
involved there, just a friendship that has gone crazy and
I don't know why. Of course, if I knew why everything
happened I probably would be miserable too. But I dunno. I
find a lot to complain about, don't I? Well, that is all
for now...night night and sweet dreams!