Oh,The Insanity
2002-04-04 03:52:40 (UTC)

Revelling and Reckoning- thanks, Ani

Love is where you're comfortable enough to tell a person
everything and not worry about being judged. Where you can
strip down to nearly nothing and not worry about being
criticized. Where you can sleep and not worry about being

Love is not to be professed on a whim. Or used improperly –
for the sake of one’s loss or gain. It is not a democracy,
nor is it a dictatorship. A life-long commitment to the
well being of another human being; It is a union of soul,
spirit and mind. It is good to fall in love, but try to
fall in love with your best friend, because then you’ll
never be alone, for he will always be by your side…no
matter the cost.

Some say it is better to have loved and lost than to never
have loved at all…I say Love while you have the chance,
because you don’t realize it’s there until it’s gone for
good and you’re watching him walk away. When you’re
watching him go and you know he’ll never be coming back --
to hold you when you’re upset or comfort you when you’re
sick or smirk when you’ve screwed up and not say I told you
so -- remember, if it’s true love, it will be forever and
no matter what you think, you’ve probably left a footprint
or two on his heart. “This is true love, do you think it
happens everyday?”-Princess Bride
-Em(when asked, "what is love?", by a meddlesome peer)