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2002-04-04 00:15:13 (UTC)

Iddle Wednesday - but I watched the fruits

Wednesday I did not go to school to see some people. I did
not go to another town to make company to a friend. I did
not walk with that neighbour. But I saw that motorcycler
that tried to fight with my friends. He disguised to know
me and talked with the worker of building. I won that
battle. He will not harash girls anymore and will not mind
about rumours of enemies.
Tomorrow I want a better day for me. A fierce wind came
before a battle. I would tell Carol that I did not mind
about her wrong choices. Because I think she have the
right of choice and to learn by errors. And I did not
mind about her boyfriend lied and used me to get her.
It is not true he and his friend used me and my friends
to low level plans. It will change in new day. Time and
nothing but time. Bon Jovi rocks and kick out the lamme
tv programs that explores artists and costumers.