De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2002-04-04 01:42:22 (UTC)

Summer Jam

Thursday 4/4/02 1332hrs

here i am , sittin in the office after lunch, relaxing for
a arms and legs are still sore from last nite...

last nite, i went to the Summer Jam concert with Prem.
okay, so it's autumm here..goodness know why it's called
summer jam anyway....the weather is biting cold nowadays...

summer jam featured heaps of NZ music, which appealed to
me... i think NZ and Australia has many talented music
artistes (not just Kylie and Crowded house,mind you)...and
their music is very enjoyable..just a pity that we dont get
much of that back home in singapore...Concord Dawn and Powderfinger
are now firmly on my fave bands list....

anyway, Rubicon, Tadpole, Che-Fu, The Feelers and of
course, SilverChair! performed at the jam...all are kiwi
bands except silverchair of course.. i particulalry like
Tadpole's music...the lead singer sounds abit like gwen
stefani..but they make gorgeous rock music! she really
worked the crowd up well...omigosh, the crowd was raving
mad...we were squashed against each other near the front of
the stage...there was absolutely no moving space at
all...and the crowd has the annoyihng habit of pushing each one point, a whole bunch of us fell onto the
floor...fuckin dangerous..a few pple passed out as
well..the heat was quite unbearable in the hall actually...

Che-Fu came on, some groovy hip-hop stuff..really diggin
hiphop nowadays...they were great... but SilverChair stole
the thunder away from the other bands...they fuckin rock!!
theyr performed many songs from their new album as well as
those old's great hearing Ana's Song live! and
they almost perfomed a fulllength concert for around 1.5
hrs!! value for money.. : P...afterall the tickets were
only $29...

but standing and bopping around for almost 6 hrs (length of
summer jam) had its consequences, premila was dehydrated
and almost passed out just b4 silverchair..i hadta drag her
out of the crowd for fresh air..damm i was not breathing
properly too then...sheesh...

later, on my way home, i suffered severe leg cramps! hahah
it was real funny..i had to stop and sit on the road for
heaps of time while climbing the hill to my place... it was
then i bumped into Kai, who was on his way back to Weir
House...spooked him out when i called his name and he saw
me sittin by the road pavement..heheheh...anyway, we
decided i would not be able to make it back home given my i crashed his room for the night...

sheesh, whatta night... the music was great but i can
definately feel myself gettin old !! : P

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