U think u know, but u have no Idea
2002-04-04 01:35:10 (UTC)

beautiful day

well today was pretty good. i went to school, turned in all
my hw, my hair didn't frizz, no one pissed me off, and i
didn't get in trouble in spanish!! Halleluyah! ( spelled
that wrong)it's like 8 now, and i just finshed me HW, and
now i think i am gonna take a shower, and watch tv. UGH MY
GROIN AND LEGS HURT THOUGH! u don't understant, i run
track, but i am like one of the captains, so I am expected
to be really good and fit u know work out all the time over
break, yeah too bad I sat on my ass in cancun the
wholetime,lol I GAINED 7 LBS!!!!!!!! i really don;t care
either. 2 of my friends are on really strict diets now.
They sound dumb, They are the biggest girls out of our
group, but thats still like 120 lbs,lol. I dunno, who cares
anymore, No one looks like how much they weigh. But anyway
back to track yesterday we had a work out, and since i run
x-country I had to do all this extra shit. it was horrible.
I had to sprint up and down this really steep gravel hill
12 times. ok i know that doesn't sound too hard, now wait,
since i run x-country, and i had to run around the lacrosse
feild too. dammit, my ass hurts.well ttyl diary

mood: bored,fidgety, talking to people who annoy me (online)
clothes:long black slacks from BCBG, white collard shirt
from Banana Republic, blue jean jacket from guess, black
stellito boots(lol my moms)
song: Sade"By your side" Neptunes remix