Crazed N. Confuzed
2001-05-21 12:13:25 (UTC)

entry # 2

5/21/01 Well happy Victoria Day to anyone living in
Canada. I wonder what type of holiday that is and if
there's a big party to celebrate it???? If you know,
please hit me back:) Well here's my weekend update. I
worked overtime on Saturday and then just sat on my lazy
butt for the past 2 days. I did clean out my car last
night though so at least I accomplished something right???
ANyways I have yoga to day at 11 so im glad I'll be able to
stretch and relax. I just wish that this class was replace
by the power yoga and have the relaxation yoga on Friday.
So does anyone actually ever read this?? I've read other
peoples entries and its funny what people have to write
about. some of them made me sad and feel bad but then
there was some funny entries. I guess my entries will be
pretty boring so thats cool. Now for more of real life
stuff.....Navy boy Mike called saturday night. He's a
loser navy boy the fucked me over!!! He really did a
number on me and made me feel worse then when I got raped,
so why is he still calling, and me talking to him you
ask??? Well he's a raver kid that doesnt do drugs...its
hard to find people who dont roll any more and still go
rave dancing....I use to do that a lot but now im so fresh
and so clean clean!!! Crazy huh???? who knows maybe i'll
start up again. But not for a while!!!! Anyways I just
wanted to write some more but theres not much on my mind,
I'll write more when i have something cool to talk about:)

adios diario,