Sexy gal

My Life
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2002-04-04 00:41:02 (UTC)

Scared to Death

well not a hole lot has happened since i last wrote.Well
yaa alot has happened at least to me.
well first of all i proposed to my boyfriend only to find
that the ring i got was to big and needed to be sized.But
when i went to pick it upthey told me they couldnt size
it.So now were not engaged.Shity!!!!!!!!!!
Then on top of that I think i might be pregnant.SCARY
I guess ill know soon enough.The main thing is Chris is
going to stick by me.The only thing is i would have to get
an abortion.But i dont believe in abortions unless a girl
is raped,and i wasnt.PLEASE any one who reads this please
give me feedback.
I mean im scared shitless nd i dont get scared often so ur
feedback would be appretieated.

lacey gerber
aka sexygal