Incoherent Thoughts...
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2002-04-04 00:36:50 (UTC)


music: Accapella-random collection cd

Ah yes, so this week has only been two days but yet it
feels like an eternity. Yesterday i was doing a show at
the school and was stuck there 'til 12:00 AM!!! then i was
back there at 6:50 AM to run some softball tryouts. Oh man,
so sore and so busy. I am alosso anxious, and i am not
really sure why, though i have some suspicions. ;) I am
thinking about stopping by the GLCC youth rally to visit on
that saturday...i hope. We'll see if i can get a car.

Weekend Run down: So i was at the jaggards place 'til
monday, great fun i must admit. Overall a great easter...
Lack of sleep but a good weekend. Sunday was very busy, i
tagged along to various family easter celebrations and good
times were enjoyed by all. Monday my dad wanted my opinion
of furniture for the living room so i tagged along again to
Idomo. They had some interesting stuff. The latest fad
seems to be old rusted furniture. Why on earth would i pay
MORE money for a piece of furniture that looks twice my age
and i get rust on my hands whenever i touch it...i fail to
see the appeal. Ah well, what can ya do.
Well, summer seems further and further it gets
closer. Weird eh?
Just a quick note to all you who bothered to listen while i
ranted and raved about how crappy i felt after this
weekend. Thanks so really means a lot.
Well, i should get some work to do, and i have
to do more tryouts tomorrow morning:P WSo unitl next
time...luv ya