No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-04-04 00:19:56 (UTC)


hey! today was national kissing day. lol. I got a kiss on
the cheek, go me! lol. I was looking out the wondow,
watching the lightning and I had Screaming Infidelities (i
cant spell) by Dashboard Confessionals in my head. I
realized next boyfriend I get, I am making out with him in
the rain. I don't care if that makes me weird.
My little sister is 12. Her profile said:
Hey wuz up mine nigaz. I'm first name, last name, and
i'm here to make you happy to be alive. i party hard, i
love dicks, i am single, so IM me and talk about anything.
I'd love to talk but have to end this. bye.
I WOULD NEVER dare say that in my profile adn she is 12.
12!!! I couldn't believe it, she got in sooo much trouble.
*thinking, thinking, happy thoughts*
"Smaller than the elf who shrunk it."

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