ahoy hoy
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2002-04-03 22:43:30 (UTC)


my uterus is attacking me, "stop attacking me damm you". ok
so yesterday i had a test. for my psychopathology class.
sounds normal huh well the night before i had absolutly no
sleep what soever becauwse i had to cram as much as i could
and read because i had not touched that fucking book since
my last test. it was hoorrible i survived the whole day on
a caffine high and sugar rush. the worst thing about his
all was tha my day did not end early i didnt get home until
8:50 because i had a class that ended at 8 30 it was
horrible by the end of the day my rush waws gone, its funny
i actaully just woke up 2:30 pm ^_^

ewww why cant boys have uterus's it sucks go away.

well anyways am going to turn my bath room into a steam room
this weekend . i know its not good for the bath room but who
the fuck cares(hahaha) oh my gosh so i went yesterday after
the class a nd talked to one of my osyc proffesors and we
were talking about why i wasd not coming to class and stuff
like that, ad i told her because i was sleeping and that
sometimes when am late i get panic attacks and i dont want
to face and angry prof. well at the end of our discussion
she says that she thinks i mght be depress and thats why i
sleep and take 4 hours naps every day along with my usual
regualr 8 to 9 hours of sleep. so today this morning i
guess she talk to some people i dont know and i got a call
from like the assistant of someone and i have to go meet
with her :( ahhh i dont want to go to therapy i went once
and it was funbut its such a waste of my time. everyone if
always a little fucked up soooooo
i hope i dont become like a big deal i was thinking, hmmmmmm
hey maybe i will get the therapist to get me on medications
well anywasy am hungry and am going to go eat mmmmmmmm

its going to be real funny ewww what if am really depressed
well it might explain some things. tata