The lost little girl
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2002-04-03 22:02:36 (UTC)

hi there all you silly peoples...(yeah, i don't know either)

hello all..

nothing major been happenin'.I'm completely bored out of my
mind. like..yeah..it sucks...i haven't been feeling
well..not like..."oh god i'm gonna be sick"..but like my
ribs have been hurting and such. it's kinda funky. hopefully
it will just go away like everything else in my life has.
i'm buggin' to go to a party. i think someone needs to have
one. i need to dance. i was sitting in crystal's car
listening to her techno music, and all i could think about
was dancing. i mean getting all pretty and go dancing. since
i live in no where, nh it's kinda hard to find any good
places to go dancing so i have to rely on friend's parties.
so please...if you are a friend of mine reading
this...PPLEEAASSSEEEE have a party...i'm cravin' it! danke-
it's wednesday already which mean Kareoke is tomorrow
night, thank god. people don't believe me when i tell them
that i tell my days of the week by how many days since, or
until kareoke. it's sounds nutty but it's a pretty easy
i don't have much more on my mind. except the fact that i'm
bored and shit...but never the less i will take my leave and
just say...until next time..love you- janie

daily quote :
"she feels alone even by his side" - Garth Brooks