Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2002-04-03 20:59:47 (UTC)


Sometimes I just feel this place is sucking away at my
soul. There's never anything to do. There's never any new
or exciting people. Just house wifes, with
children,husbands at work or at the pub. Then on the other
side of town, the huge houses with swimming pools and
horses, stuck up teenagers with stuck up parents.

There's nothing wrong with the place. It's a beautiful
town, but it's the people who make it an ugly place. It's a
nice place, but this isn't the life for me. I can't wait to
get out.
It's like the hill is a wall which you can't quite see
over, like in the Wizzard of Ozz, you catch a glimpse of
what's behind the curtain and you want to see more.

Yes, this is me moaning at nothing, again.
What is evil?
What is sin?
And who can save us...

"I have found you can find happiness in slavery"