Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2002-04-03 19:28:59 (UTC)

Mexico & Bush

Mexico was so much fun!!! Gini and I got totally drunk
in a bar called Animale on Revolucion in TJ on Thursday
night. I had a 2 Sex on the Beaches, a Pina Colada, a Blue
Hawaiian, a yummy Kahluah drink, a Fuzzy Navel, 3 shots of
tequila, and a jello shooter. All of the drinks were very
large, and by the end of them, I was very drunk. I
absolutely could not walk, and when Gini left me for a
couple of minutes to go to the bathroom, right before we
left, I totally thought I was going to puke all over the
floor. The nausea only lasted for about 10 minutes though,
I was surprised. But the dizziness lasted quite a while.
Walking was majorly difficult. We took a taxi back to the
border for $6, and then walked the few blocks to the hotel.
We actually got back at about 10:30, but we went back out
again to use a payphone down the street to call Coby, and
ended up staying out a little later (on the phone, walking,
and going to F-Street). The next day we checked out at
noon, got really stoned, and went back to TJ. I cannot
possibly explain to you how fucking paranoid I was. We only
smoked one bowl between the two of us, but it's super-weed!
So I was stoned off my ass in another country, and we had
lunch at a little Mexican place (obviously...). I also had
a margarita, which I later realized I probably shouldn't
have done if I was already stoned. But it ended up okay. We
shopped for a couple of hours, until I was sober enough to
not feel an ounce of paranoia, and then had a few drinks at
another bar called Buckets. actually, Gini and I were each
only going to have a Pina Colada, but somehow, the waiter
ended up bringing us 4 (I think we ordered double by
mistake). Gini had to drive home, so she only wanted one
Pina Colada, so I had the other 3 as well as the 2 shots of
tequila that they give you for free. I actually wasn't too
drunk, just nicely buzzed. Then we just shopped for a
little longer and came home. We had a party that night at
home, with just Tiff and Gini and Coby and Laura and Daniel
and of course Ryan and I.
Last night Ryan and I went to see Bush and Default at
the Grove of Anaheim (what used to be the Sun Theater). It
was awesome. I was about 20 feet from Gavin- I could've
died. He is so sexy. I got a little over-excited and had
such a good time that during the encore I had to leave to
go to the drinking fountain because I was going to pass
out. I sort of forgot to drink water all day, and so after
all of my jumping and screaming, I was totally dehydrated.
I almost threw up on Ryan, so I told him to just meet me by
the bathroom when the show was over, and I left. I ended up
sitting on the floor after drinking about a gallon of water
from the drinking fountain. A very nice guy who was
obviously hitting on me got me a nice big glass of ice
water so I could just sit and drink it without moving much.
I felt totally better by the time Ryan came and got me
about 10 minutes later. And I could hear the songs
perfectly from my station on the floor. I will never go to
a concert so dehydrated again!
We came home to find Laura and Garrett still awake
downstairs. Garrett officially moved in yesterday, and
Laura was over because she had a fight with Daniel. She was
planning on spending the nght at our place, which was fine,
but this morning I noticed that she actually slept in the
same extremely small bed, under the same blanket with
Garrett. I had to go wake them up when I left this morning
because they don't have an alarm clock, and I saw how close
they were. I'm sure it was perfectly innocent (I've slept
in the same bed as a lot of guys, even laying my head on
them and such), but if Daniel had seen them in the position
I saw them, there would definitely be no more Daniel&Laura.
Garrett has a girlfriend too. I hope neither of them do
anything stupid.
I love Laura, we had the best car talk the other
night. Just about how important friends are to us. sounds
cheesy, but it was actually a very good talk. We had it
after we went to 7-11 and Laura spilled slurpee all over
herself and her dad's car. Poor Laura. She's so cute.
Okay, that's all, bye!!