.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2002-04-03 18:42:13 (UTC)

truth prevails and its nothing you can hide.

the new hot rod circuit is decent music. im listening to
the vagrant comp, the new one, its ok.

its about 1:30 and i havent written in at least a week,
which is a shame cause lots of stuff has happened.

spring break is going awesome, im having such a good time
seeing friends and hanging with bryse.

last thursday after the show at the garage, a bunch of kids
came over, it was lots of fun, mike elkins and his friends,
(dustin, justin, ray, aj, and ernie) and bryse asked kiel
and luke, and blair came too. we just hung around, after 1
or 2 we drank and smoked up. it was a good time, they
stayed till 4 am ish, and i got close to mike, which i
liked a lot.

the rest of that weekend is sort of a blur, i remember not
sleeping all that much, and seeing bryse a lot, and lots of
family on easter.

monday, was slow, but i hung wiht my mom which was needed.
yesterday, mike came from delware, and hugn with brysey and
i, we watched requiem for a dream (fucked up movie) and
wonderboys (silly cute) i got to be with mike which is what
i liked the most.

its about 1:30 on wednesday afternoon. ray and mike are
comming soon, (hopefully) we may go to west chester or play
mini golf or somthign silly. i sort of home that ray and
bryse hit it off because id like to spend some alone time
with mike to talk things out (in person, not on the phone
or via email). so whatever happens happens.

tonight im with my dad and we will see my grand mom (FUN
times) though not really at all. im excited for the next 2
days though, tomorrow we may go to the left over crack show
in philly and everyone sleep over my house afterwards,
which would be cool cause my mom is going to bill's and
staying most of friday.

then on friday, were going to the show, but hanging with
the boys before hand. so i look forward to it all, ive
showered every day this week, and will the next 2 days too,
i wonder if there is possibly somthing bad about bein TOO
Clean, it freaks me out. i guess i want to smell nice for
once. anyway, i need to start lord of the flies, i have to
finish it by monday, shit. i guess i'll leave it for the
saturday and sunday.

i better get going, brush my teeth and my hair, and find
some nice shoes to wear. it looks so nice outside, i really
hope we go to west chester (and it doesnt start to rain!)


ps. dustin scobel has been freaking me out a lot today,
talking about dating mike for "6 months" and sex and stuff
like that, he seems more excited for my relationship with
mike than mike is. i need to talk to him about that.