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2002-04-03 18:16:46 (UTC)

angry little asian girl

well, just like the cartoon strip, i'm an angry little
asian girl.

what am i angry about? i'm pissed that scottie has left me
for australia to work. i mean, what about our love? our
life together? what the hell about me? don't i matter in
this situation? does he think that i'm going to sit here
all year and wait for him to come home? fuck him! i don't
think so. i'm going out and i'm going to explore and i'm
going to fuck whom ever i want. yeah, right?! a whole lot
of talk from a little girl.

the other thing that i'm angry about is that it's scottie
that's being granted this wonderful opportunity to travel
and to explore and to meet new people. and, i yell out to
whomever can hear me, what about me?! why isn't it me
that's given this opportunity? why isn't it me that is
allowed to go off and explore? and, why the hell did i
choose this damn career? box. that's what it is. a
goddamned box. keeping me in. holding me down.

but, of course! i have to work. i'm not wealthy. i'm not
married to some rich guy. although, i could have had my
choice of several multi-millionaires. but, no way! i
can't marry for money!

i'm bored! and, i've discovered that might be more my
problem than anything else. i've got to get out and
explore and stir up some trouble!