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2001-05-21 05:20:13 (UTC)

Man And Beaver Victim To Scooter Accident

BEAVERTON, Oregon - Hydro, 17, was scooting to the store to
buy some candy, when he hit a beaver. Hydro was thrown 2
feet off his scooter and the hit by a city bus. When
interviewed, the bus driver stated, "I saw a large cow-like
object in the road, but it was too late to swirve and avoid
it. The cow-like object was so massive that more damage
was done to the bus than to the cow-like object." This cow-
like object was 17 year old Hydro.

"Heh, mang, I was jus tryna scoot to tha store to buy some
malt liquor when dis fukin bus hit meh, I was like wtfz?"
(No translation for this is avaliable). The bus driver has
been charged with one count of Vehicular Cowslaughter, and
the beaver suffered minor fractures to its teeth. Hydro, on the
other hand, suffered a severe blow to the head and loss half of his
brain cells. His doctors stated that it would be physiclly
impossible for Hydro to get any dumber, and that a blow to the head
was the safest possible place for him to be hit.

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