*-:-*LiL' Kate*-:-*
2000-12-18 03:46:50 (UTC)

*December 17* Dear Diary, Ive..

*December 17*
Dear Diary,
Ive been layin around all day cause im sick!!! :o(.
Anyways!...Omg!! Guess what my brother did today...this guy
named Brad called me...and hes awesome as crap and can play
the electric guitar like anything but he has got a really
weird voice ok...and me and him are JUST FRIENDS...i swear
cause he is tryin to hook up w/ my best friend!...anyways
he called me and my brother answered. OK here was there
Jeff*who is this?
Brad* brad
Jeff*brad who
Brad* ((he told him his last name))
Jeff*where do you live
Brad* ((he told him where he lived))
Jeff*how old are you
Jeff*Are you tryin to spit some game on my sister...

Omg I cant believe he said that! YiKeS! i was so
embarrassed! but anyways i guess thats all for 2day!
((gotta go to bed..or get ready for it))

*Love Always*