Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-04-03 16:30:02 (UTC)

Boing-eddy Boing-eddy Boing-eddy.

That's pronounced with the 'g'. You know how!! (Spring has
well and truly sprung)

It seems that my analysis of my 'self' was a little too
focused on the prediction of my expiration. And I re-read
what I wrote, and it seems to be. So, I'll go through it.
To be fair, some of you will have made your own minds up,
the way some made their own minds up about me already.
Anyway, for those who want to know. Here's my take on it.

OK. Its wierdly accurate. I won't say reservation. Its
maybe how I see myself. Whether or not those who aren't me
would see the same, I don't know. I think maybe. Except for
the necessity of conditions to induce my sarcasm. I just
can't help it. Well, its not the problem it once was, but I
do get occasional scornful glances from authority. And
rightly so. Crap! I'm typing in rhythm now. Odd.

I was thinking in the bath today. I ought to change my bath
time habits, I know. I was reading through the Annie
Chapman murder files, the agreements between stories is
almost universal. Anyway.

Human hair! How cool is it? Very.

Ladies, don't be able to do this, please, but as I lift my
thigh out of the bath, the water looks to 'stick' to the
hairs on my leg. I run my hand up my thigh
(nothing erotic going on, just curiosity. A catalogue of ex-
felines are left in my wake whenever I have time alone) the
amount of water that is removed from my leg is stupid! It
could be up to 100ml. That's a lot, right?

WILT? Good Charlotte - Lizzie McGuire Is Mad Hot.