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2001-05-21 05:01:27 (UTC)

Cyndi's Birthday

Cyndi is my boyfriend's sister and his whole family
revolves around her. I had such a bad day, but I didn't
exist in my boyfriend's eyes since it was the day of the
wonderful birthday. I got ready to go to church. On the
way there, my mom got sensitive and decided no one was
going to go to church. I told her to stop the car and I
walked to church (we were like 1/2 a mile from the
building). I was a mess (sweaty and smelling like outside)
when I arrived (on time) and eventually cooled off. When i
got home later, mom was sleeping in the recliner. Dork.
So, i went to my room to call Manuel. He told me he was in
the family room with ALL of his family (he's never in the
family room) and his grandparents had come to town. Cyndi
(the birthday girl) was waiting for her husband to come
home so they could go eat. My boyfriend made it pretty
clear what his priorities were and I let him go back to
what he was doing. All day it was like this...I called (we
usually talk alot throughout the day), he was busy, I hung
up mad. I finally snapped. I told him no more
togetherness (we broke up) and he told me "fine!" So, I
freaked b/c I really love the guy. I called his work and
he made it perfectly clear that he was working and needed
not to be disturbed. His job is mediocre in my eyes, but's paying for school and that's all that
matters. He just got a promotion so he is on top of the
world. I went to talk to my dad. He told me I need to
chill. He says that I freak out b/c I am seeking a
reaction from people and when i don't get the one I want, I
go to extreme measures...example is breaking up with
Manuel.... My dad and I have the same personalities while
my mother and my boyfriend have similar personalities so he
can relate to what I was feeling. I'm going to be
honest...I'm jealous of the time he spends away from me.
He is my first REAL boyfriend and I want to make sure that
he stays that way. When he goes to work or something
normal like that, I freak like a lunatic. I'm not one (a
lunatic) so I can't understand. We are ok now. He called
on his break and I told him that I was sorry for taking out
what me and mom went thru on him. He is really the best.
I couldn't ask for better. He's supportive, loyal, and he
plays my silly games to a certain extent. I'm spoiled. As
for me and mom...we aren't ok yet, but we will be.

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