lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-04-03 16:24:37 (UTC)

"you are inordinately sarcastic!"

yes, children, last night was the monthly "YOU HAVE NO
FUTURE!" lecture from mr. and mrs. hardgrave. this time
they roped in both of us kids. brian's the inordinately
sarcastic one. i'm the spoiled brat with no goals. it's
good...join me as i tell you of all i have done wrong in my

actually the self-centered part is true. way too true. i
want to do everything and i don't worry about if it gets in
the way of what other people want to do. i need to simma
dan na maybe i will. next time you see me
acting self-centered, remind me. please do.

then we swerved into the portion that got kinda nasty.

dad: do you have ANY idea how you're wasting your
opportunities at oaks? doesn't school matter to you a lot?

me: no! that's you & mom! i don't care about school
because i'm doing fine & i don't want to be valedictorian
or anything! i know i could but i don't care enough!

dad: do you care about anything?

me: yeah...but not being the smartest or turning into a
career woman or whatever...

dad: what do you want to do with your life then, hmm?

me: ugh just not all the stuff you guys expect from me. i
don't dream of college and get a goofy grin on my face.
right now i just want to be a nice wife and a good mom and
just one of those friendly ladies who just loves on

mom: what do you think I am?

(no response to THAT one. i don't think giving up a 20-yr
career at 43 counts as spending your days w/ your kids.

yes well the dialogue got better & better. finally my dad
told me that if we want to get anywhere with this, i needed
to write down the things i personally want to do in the
next month, year, and five years so that he knows where i
want to go with my life. and he said it doesn't all have
to be the super-important stuff so here's my list, kids.

-quit working for him & get a real job
-start guitar lessons
-go windsurfing

-somehow obtain a car
-get at least 1400 on my SATs
-_______________ (you might find that one out someday.
haha maybe not)

5 years:
-hopefully marriage will kick in around this time...21...hmmm