The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2002-04-03 16:16:12 (UTC)


well i have like 14 minutes to kill and i am really
bored...bordem sweet sweet bordem!...well today i do NOT
match i am wearing camoflage pants and a gray shirt! haaa
take that fashion police! ok well only four more periods
of school to go and then i am off to...Work, ok well tha
souned more exciting in my mind, but really its NOT! i dont
want to go to work, work=SUCKAGE!!! blah blah blah well as
Ashley once said "These Pickles are nasty!" yup well just
qouting a great person, of course no one knows who she is,
unless you go to my school and are my friend, then and only
then maybe you will know who she is, oh and to the people
in my Lunch who changed are table to that STUPID Blue one
YOU SUCK!! i hate that blue table it is sooooooooo
SMALL!..ahhhhhh stupid SMALL TABLE!!oh well now that i have
THAT anger out..?? well i am going to go now so buh bye