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2002-04-03 16:03:33 (UTC)

Back from Hawaii--NJ sucks! [Long entry]

Well we've been back from Hawaii for almost 2 weeks now--I
just haven't been able to write. I'll try to put Hawaii in
a nutshell--It was amazing! Right from the minute we
stepped off the plane to the day we took off for the return
flight, things were amazing. Hawaii is totally beautiful
and we tried to see everything to the fullest. The first
evening we were greeted with fresh flower leis as we got to
the airport and driven to our was 6PM there [an
11 PM in Jersey] so we just got dinner at the resturant in
our hotel. It was some good food! After eating and
walking around the area a bit, we just passed out. The
area of our hotel was perfect--right in the middle of
Waikiki. Have any of you seen the "Real World--Hawaii"?
You know where they worked--"Local Motion"? That place was
like 3 blocks down from us! So that was pretty cool. And
our hotel was beautiful! We stayed at the Outrigger Main,
Waikiki--right on the beach!

Tuesday there was a breakfast set up for us by our agent so
we could get an idea of the tours and stuff and we ended up
signing up for all these things....That afternoon we went
on a Sunset Dinner Cruise--which was awesome! And to a
show called "SOS--Society of Seven"...its 7 Asian guys
impersonating all these different was pretty
funny. And the cool thing was we got a free drink each at
each event! That night we just walked the beach and passed
out again cuz we had to be up early Wednesday.

Wednesday we went on the Grand Circle Island tour. This
was an 8 hour tour around the whole island! And took us to
all the cool things of Oahu. We went to a bay where Elvis
shot some movies, we went to a lookout that's 50,000 above
sea level, saw million dollar houses, went to the
rainforest of Hawaii! Saw an upside-down water fall...etc
etc etc. It was a really great tour and definitely worth
it. We took pictures galore, hehe. After the tour, we
changed into our bathing suits and went to the beach for a
few hours before our next event that evening which was a
show called "The Magic of Polynesia"...That was a cheesy
magic show mixed with some really cool hula dancing and
stuff. But that was still fun. We went to a mexican
resturant for dinner after that, walked the beach and took
some pictures...tried to stay awake and have some fun, but
passed out. =-) Oh but we also packed a little bit for
going home so that was a little depressing.

Thursday we had to catch our bus at 6:45 AM! This tour was
of Pearl Harbor. It was soo sad but definitely worth it to
go and see it. There's so much history in Hawaii...Like
everything has a story behind it! So we were there for
like 2 hours and then that went into a city tour. After
that, we had some time to kill so we finished up some
shopping and bought outfits for the luau that night. And
we caught our bus for the Luau at 4:00. That was a lot of
fun. We had matching outfits on [they were so cute] and
people thought we were married or engaged...or something.
And the tour guide even gave Jeff his fresh flower lei and
said "give this to your wife". Hehe. It was pretty
funny. That night we walked on the beach one last night
time before going to bed. Friday we finally slept in a
little bit and I knew Jeff really wanted to go to the
beach. We grabbed breakfast, did some shopping and then
went to the beach for an hour before coming back to our
room and packing. We had to check out at 2:00 PM, but our
transportation wasn't coming until 4:00 so we gave our bags
to the "bellboy" and went to grab lunch. We went to
another resturant and got MaiTais and LITs...those things
were so strong that we were like tipsy afterwards--and it
was only like 3 in the afternoon!!! Finally our ride came
and we headed over to the airport.

The trip back home was kind of depressing. Jeff slept
almost the whole day! And I couldn't sleep so I was bored
out of my mind! I ended up spending Saturday night at his
house too cuz I was too tired to go home.

Hawaii was a great time...expensive but definitely worth
it. Jeff and I totally reconnected. We didn't even think
about any issues we left back at NJ, you know? We
definitely needed it.

Being back in NJ though kinda sucks...I'm back to dealing
with the whole Jill thing cuz when I saw Cathlin she told
me she got a letter from Jill...the letter she got was much
shorter and much nicer. And you can tell that Jill would
rather make up with Cathlin than myself. Its really
depressing but whatever, I'm done with it.

Last Friday I had to go for my CAT scan. Yesterday I was
supposed to call for the results and I was really freaked
out cuz I had a bad dream that something was seriously
wrong. I called up Jeff that morning, ilke crying!
Finally yesterday at like 4PM, they called and said the
cyst was "normal" ...meaning not a protein cyst that needs
to be removed. It will go away on its I'm ok.
But he still wants me to go to a neurologist. So I'll have
to do that.

Other than that..things are pretty normal. Oh I found out
last night that this guy I've known over over 5 years has
liked me for almost that long...He's graduating over the
summer and his one regret is not getting to know me better
or asking me out. He made me feel all weird last night and
telling me all these things on was strange. He
didn't believe when I said that I had been interested at
one point, and then he's telling me things that someone
else told him but won't tell me who that person was. So it
was really frustrating and I just signed off. Maybe that
was mean, but I didn't like the idea of having to answer to
him, but then he wouldn't answer any of my questions, you

Oh but another thing that dad got laid off
yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We knew that he might cuz
he was the one most recently hired, but it still
sucks....He had to go today and tomorrow and they'll give
him a $4000 severence pay, but after that, he's done.
Argh. So we're going to start looking again.

So many issues--so little time! Hehe.

Be on the lookout for my Hawaii webpage!