my yown
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2002-04-03 12:03:31 (UTC)

i thought we went over this...

fucking hell
sorry seemed an appropriate start to this entry. i cant
beleive ive started sucking my fucking thumb again! i
feel like shit and i dont know why i have a shit load of
homework to do and my resolution to stay on top of
things is wavering. shes pissed off at me and i dont
know why and i keep getting depressed about things
that i shouldnt be upset about. And poor poor little girl. i
know what shes going through.... oh dear. i just wanna
take her away and hug her until she cries all of that shit
out of her system. hmmm im so worried about all of my
friends at the moment and times is going so weirdly...
oh dear its to much sometimes. Got that english talk
tommorow i cant wait our add is so cool "encouraging
foreplay" hehehe. i had better go actually i have a lot of
homework to do.... ill talk to you later k!