The Nine Faces of Dave
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2002-04-03 07:22:22 (UTC)

recalling my dental history

After watching "Total Recall" this afternoon, I've decided
to put together a memory-recovery kit. That way, if I ever
get hit on the head and develop amnesia (like on TV), I will
be able to recover some basic memories pretty easily. As we
all know from various soap operas, retro-grade amnesia can
really ruin your day. Of course, the kit becomes completely
useless if you have antero-grade amnesia like the guy from
"Memento," but if that happens, you have more to worry about
than some stupid memory kit.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is what comes from watching too
many movies. But seriously, "Total Recall" was very cool.
Nothing like Arnold Schwarzenegger running around on Mars to
make for an entertaining film.

Anyway, I went to see a doctor this morning (not my regular
physician), and the guy prescribed some antibiotics and an
expectorant. He said I had a sinus infection of some sort
based on my breathing and symptoms. So now I'm taking some
big tablets of medication and recovering. But hey, at least
I don't have pneumonia.

I was late to CS this evening because the Buick refused to
start. The starter had been tweaked for some time. Anyway,
my mom had to drive me, and when my dad heard about this, he
went out to the garage, got the old starter out, got a new
one, and installed it. The car is now fixed!

Despite having a nasty head cold, I'm actually feeling all
right about my life. Getting enough sleep at night seems to
really help stave off depression. Either that, or I'm too
distracted by this illness to worry about things.

In less happy news, my dental condition seems to be getting
worse. I've had problems with a couple of my teeth for some
time now, and one of them hurt a bit today. It looks awful
seen in the mirror. It's not cool. I floss, I brush, I use
a Water-Pik, I even use an oral fluoride rinse. Even still,
I can't seem to escape my hereditary dental issues. Looks
like the dentists are finally going to get to do that damn
crowning procedure on my tooth. And here I thought maybe,
just maybe, I could beat the odds on this one.

That's all for tonight. Take it easy; I know I will.

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