Lisa Ann

Ups & Downs
2001-05-21 03:11:54 (UTC)


ARGH!!! (in the great and mighty words of my friend Sean).
Life holds too many dedlines, and dedications. Sometimes I
can't keep up. That is why I haven't wrote in such a long
time. School work homework family boyfriend friends=NO
TIME! It's hard to manage a schedule, but I think I have
it pretty down. It just sucks when people you care about
begin to interfer with your business life.
My boyfriend Matthew tells me I work too much. That it
seems like he has to beg for time. I finally find a job I
like, while having fun, and he can't handle it. I told him
the same thing before, "you don't seem to have enough
time." He would say that there are other dedications;
however, when they are on my part... it don't seem to
count. Go figure. I can't put him first in my life. I
come first... he will ALWAYS be next in line.
Besides that though... everything is going a-o-k. I really
want to get some Blink182 tickets, but I can't afford them
at this very minute in time. I just hope they don't go
out. O-well. I will wish for the best. Take care
everyone. Peace out. "Rock hard and ride free."