Dirty Fractyl
2002-04-03 06:02:50 (UTC)

Another entry dedicated to my lil' girl

...seeing her everyday is too much. It makes me know my
life is incomplete. It makes me know a love exists
stronger than anything I have ever had, am capable of
finding ordinariliy. It makes me know bonds exist that are
stronger than friendship and lust combined times ten. It
allows me to know that people have souls...and beyond this,
that souls can connect and form bonds so deep that neither
person is fully capable of understanding what it means,
what it is capable of, or its full potential, should fate
and circumstances ever allow such a union to occur.

I said "I could lie in her arms and die happy." I have
never really felt that before in my life. It is the best
feeling possible, to know that another person can fill a
void in you that you are not capable of filling yourself.
I would not trade her friendship and love for anything else
in the world...or in the universe. It is a bond that I
feel nothing could sever: not time, not death, not anything.

Nothing can take my lil' girl's love away from me. I would
trade anything, give anything, to know she is happy. She
means more to me than the air I breathe, the steps I take,
or the life I live. She has guided me through a forest so
deep I swore there was no escape. Endebtment is an
understatement to encapsulate the sentiments I harbor for

"Everytime we meet
The picture is complete
Everytime we touch
The feeling is too much
She's all I ever need
To fall in love again...
I knew it from the very start
She's the puzzle of my heart."

If only life were as certain as "death and taxes."