out of reach
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2002-04-03 05:31:21 (UTC)

lovely day

today was beautiful. i woke up a bit late and had to speed to get to class on time. but it was kewl, and i made it and it was a lovely day to drive with the music loud and the windows down. it was such a great day that i didn't let the fact that i had locked my only set of keys in my car bother me that much. luckily cait and triple a were at my service. cheers to them and they're fancy coat hanger.

as soon as i got home i went on the internet well aware that erin would be online and i invited her to take a walk with me. we explored the weird remains of some sort of industry that flourished in my lovely town long ago. now these ruins are simply more places for the scum of my town to drink, get high, and tag as if someone might care. i wonder if it had always been that way. as a kid, my father would often take my sisters and i back there to fish and explore and have fun. i wonder if in my innocence i failed to notice empty beer cans and "420" spray painted on rocks. or perhaps my generation just doesn't appreciate the beauty of a waterfall. i finished my roll of black and white film though. i think i need to go to the store and get some more for bushkill and the city. color film is overrated.

its good to feel happy. its good to forget your loneliness. its good to remember your friends and family. its good to feel pretty. now i just need a piece of ass. (well that last comment was in poor taste, please excuse me.)

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