The Shadow of Myself
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2002-04-03 05:07:51 (UTC)

just a little.. umm.. thing.. :)

You guys.. I have a slight dilemma. It's really something
that shouldn't have become any sort of problem. Actually I
don't know that it is a problem. However I do know that
I'm talking in circles. :) Ok.. I'm not really going to
explain it that well. I promised myself that I wouldn't
give that much of myself away in here. It's not fair. I
can share stuff.. but I don't know it's not good to tell
everything all the time.

Anyway.. I just wanted to get that out. It makes me feel
better if I can just say that. Granted it is incredibly
subtle. That's ok though.. it needs to be for awhile.
Maybe I'll tell everybody later. I suppose some people
already know. And to those people I will just say.. you
know... and then go like this :) And they would all be
like.. yes tess.. we know... :) It's cool.. they're all so
cool. It's also kinda a funny thing b/c they're excited
about my dilemma. They're like.. this is cool.. I hope
things go how you want them to. I'm like.. ok.. how do I
want them to go. But then I remember it doesn't really
matter how I WANT things to go.. b/c they're gonna go the
way they're gonna go.. soo.. :)

So.. my dilemma could eventually evolve into something that
is not a dilemma but more of a huge blessing. I'm praying
about it.. and so are some other people I know.. :) Until
I'm just kinda chillin' and appreciating whatever it is..
for what it is. :)

Wow.. I just said a whole lot of nothing that I doubt
anybody will understand... unless.. they know.. ;)


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