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2002-04-03 04:44:06 (UTC)

Not Sure

When I logged in I had some importand thing to write about,
but I have lost whatever it was.

I talked to Dave for a little while online earlier. Somehow
we got to talking about my old friend Lissa. She moved away
when we were in high school. I wonder how she is doing now.
I saw her once, maybe twice after she moved. It's not like
she moved across the state, she moved across the US. North
Carolina to be exact. That is a hell of a long way from
Washington State.

We used to have so much fun together. I was remembering the
time that we were walking in downtown Victoria, BC singing
Joy To The World by Three Dog Night. We had so much fun
back then.

And there was the time that we flushed all the toilets and
urinals at once in the guys and girls bathrooms at school
for good luck. I really wish I could remember if our
football team won that game or not.

Last I knew she had not gotten married. I mean she did, but
they didn't do the liscense thing. That sounds so like
Lissa. I just hope she is safe. There are so many bad
people out there and I hope she hasn't fallen in with some
bad seeds. It could happen in an instant or in a lifetime.

Oh well. All I can do right now is pray that she is safe.

There are a lot of people who I haven't talked to in years.
There are times I wish I had kept up with them. When I was
at the bank a few days ago I ran into a girl name Stacey
that I didn't know. She knew me because she addressed me by
my full name when calling me over for the transaction. She
looked sort of familiar, but I figured I'd seen her working
there before. She then commented that it had been a long
time since she had seen me. That meant she must have been
someone from my past, but who?

I tried to look her up in an old yearbook, but she wasn't in
any of them. At least I didn't see her in one. I just wish
I could figure it out. Oh well, I guess I'm getting to be
that age where I will run into more people who I don't know.