Nick's Journal
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2002-04-03 04:19:57 (UTC)

It's a beautiful day

It WAS a beautiful day, now it's 11 pm and i should be
studying econ. Really it was gorgeous out. I sat amongst
the other humans and soaked up the sun. That's when I
realized Nick's and people don't mix. Jesus. I'm
surrounded by dipshits. Argh!!!!
I sat there studying the money market but couldn't help
but be aggravated by the pitiful pestilence known as the
human race.
First were a bunch of fucking smelly ass "i haven't washed
my hair in 2 months dred-locked hippies", every other word
was an exaggerated cooooooooooool, or duuuuuuuuuuuude.
fucking stoners get out of my way and take your grass with
Then i had the pleasure of the nerds. They're the
dumbasses that think it's still funny to greet each other
formally (handshake and all). fuck you fucking retards.
greet like a normal fucking human being or stay in your
dorm and jerk off to some hentai cartoons.
Next were the jocks. stupid fucking jocks. i swear their
retarded monkey laughter permeated every atom in my body
until it was impossible to define the required reserve
ratio. they'd follow something like "i'm eating chicken"
with a string of huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu. hey just because you
play with balls to stay in school doesn't mean you have to
act like a faggot in public.
Next were the regular people. Now here's the problem what
do i make fun of here? oh yeah, the fact that they don't
express themselves fuck you all too.
Next were the big-breasted bimbos that whore out their
bodies to help some sleazeball win a pathetically
insignificant election to validate himself. yes i'm
talking about those morons that run for "office" of their
class. you fucking moronic motherfuckers. just because
you're below average in everything except eating ass,
doesn't mean that you have to portray your posters with
parading pussy. not only is it demeaning to the pussy but
it's demeaning to me. hey you know what's fucking sweet?
even though you might win your retarded race for
redemption you're still gonna amount to a shitstain out
there because there's nothing to you other than your
fucking titles.
and girls. why do you hold the posters for these
dipshits? DON'T! you know they're just using you, but
hey it's ok i guess........right?
the fuckers that stare up at the sky and then get a BIG
fuckign kick out of it if they "trick" someone else into
looking up. next time one of you fucks does that i'm
going for your nuts with a front kick. you'll be looking
down real quick motherfucker.
so then here i am sitting and sipping my coke as some guy
walks by that not only looked like a 10 yr. old but also
talked like one. now how can we tolerate some fetid feces
like him around? hey, "college boy" go back to your dorm
i think you forgot to clip on your testicles, fucking
backwards ass non-puberty-attaining chimp fucker.
ahhhhh yes. then my favorite. the guys that wear clothing
that's atleast 10 sizes too big for them. there's nothing
more annoying than some skinny mother fucker wearing
clothes heavier than him. and they always wear so many
god damn layers. all zipped up so that you can't tell
that there's really not much beneath. i figure you light
one layer on fire and let it burn.
last but definetly not least, over-confident people. fuck
you. hey i can yell across the god damn hall, that means
i;'m sweeeeeeet. hey i think that everyone thinks that my
stories are so goddamn interesting i'm gonna make sure
that everyone here's it. hey i'm gonna impress someone
with something moronic. hey, i don't care if i weigh 500
lbs and move aroudn by sliding along on my own bile,
because it's what's inside that counts. don't kid
yourself tubby. that goes for you pseudo-intellectuals
too. hey you have an argument? i dont' care. you can
completely destroy my opinion? i don't care. you just
learned about the oedipus complex and how it's the reason
for you wanting to rape barnyard animals? i don't give a
fuck. keep your sci-fi, psycho-babble, jargon away from
me. impress the dipshit that's running for president.
confuse the jocks. but don't come near me. please. thanks.