living life
2002-04-03 03:37:01 (UTC)

a diary Virgin here

So this is my first entry in this so its gonna be pretty
interasting. Right now I have so much to vent that it
would take all night to put it all in one entry so I'll have
to make it like 5. Anyways there is so much drama in
my life right now that I dont even know where to start.
First we have Lawrence who Im totally in love with and
would do anything to be with well guess what his dad
says Im to young see Im 18 and he is 25. Ok so it's 8
years but hell we make each other happy that's all that
matters right?!?! Then I have 2 other guys professing
their undying love for me Chris and Brian, they are both
Exs. I dated them both for about 2 weeks. no not at the
same time hehehehehehe. I would never do that to
anyone. Brian broke up with me because he didn't like
that I went clubbin an danced with guys, well I couldn't
see him on the weekends so what was I suppose to
do? I needed to have some fun hello Im 18 Im
suppose to right now. Then Chris I broke up with
because he lives in Akron and I've seen him twice and
we werent even together when I seen him. We will be
working at Cedar Point this summer together so yes
something mught happen between us again but for
right now I want to have the freedom to meet other guys.
Its just a time for me to be single. I was in a year and 7
month relationship up until ocotber of 2001 when I
broke it off and since then I havent been single for more
then a month and I need to be. Im sure the right guy will
come eventually I just have to have some patients
which I really have none of. Im ready to start my life but I
still have 3 years to get though before I can even
consider that. well that's enough for now I will continue
some other day. 3~31~02