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2001-05-21 01:39:56 (UTC)

Introduction... Kind of

Sorry for writing so much, it must seem annoying. But I
just remembered that I never said anything really about me
or my life, I just started writing. So here it goes...

I'm 16. A Junior at Noble High in a state that's destiny is
to be part of Canadia (hehehe Hun). I going through a lot
of shit right now but I haven't been my whole life. And
even now the shit isn't taking over my life. I'm a writer
and a dancer, I'm captain of debate for our school and
hoping to go to nationals next year for stuco (a very
stupid technicality kept me out of it this year... DQ'd).
That's where I met Nick. We're rival schools... hehehe.

Sara (or Hun) is my best friend. Some other friends I'll
probably write about are Brian (as u know by now), Scott
(Loser, who got in a pretty serious accident last year),
Carly (Scott's gf), Chrissy (sex-crazed friend), 'the guys'
(the track team, my brothers, my boys)... Lots of others
too, but oh well, I'm not gonna watse my time and yours and
list them all...

So anyway, I lead apretty fudged up life... lots of
miscommunications and very bad episodes, but some of it's
good. Like my relationship with my ACTUAL brother, Mike.
He's 23, still lives at home, is a mechanic and works at a
store down the road from my school. He's great, probablymy
only salvation in my whole family. He's got anxiety
problems too, they put him on Prozac for it, I'm hoping
they'll do the same to me... I guess.
I have two cousins who live next door with my aunt and
her 'fiance' (in other words her lazy-ass, pot smoking
boyfriend). Carrie and James (aunt and bf) work nights at a
facrory but the kids are too younge to stay home alone over
night (Tiff's 13 and Arthur's 8). So I sleep there. I walk
over every school night at 8:30 and crash in their extra
bed (an *tiny* bed in Tiffany's room). I make sure the kids
get to bed at a reasonable time and make sure Tiff is on
the bus in the morning... My English teacher (the first
adult I told abou tmy problems), Mrs. England, thinks that
that has a lot to do with my stress... LIke tonight, I went
over and no one was there, I freaked out! Where were the
kids? u know? my FLAKE of an aunt didn't tell me that she
took them to their dad's house for the night, how STUPID is
that? She gave me a heartattack! But oh well... I g2g, it's
late and I got school tomrrow... Hope this helped u get me
a little more...