Roy Whiteside

My Intersex Chaos
2002-04-03 03:29:22 (UTC)

My little world was nothing.

It says after writing to tha diary, we should press tha submit button. They want me to think, that I have losed. I haven't lose, I have won. I have gotten a sex feen out of my life hopeful for good. If he want to eat other people bowls off of that whatever he is dick, that is hhiiimmm. I guess everybody is a little more different from one another than I thought.

I was trapped into this life, all doors out are close. To me this is a whole new world, that has nothing for me. Some people say they once was lost, but now they are found. I once was found, but now I am lost.

It like some computer virus that contaminates humans. It eats at everything until there is nothing leave. I have no emotion leave nothing but horniness and sorrow. When I first stop smoking I felt clean, also kinda hollow. It was very irritating.

Somehow they found out, I had quit smoking. They cast tha dry and lousies. I wasn't tha malesting their son. I tring to stop it, but tha ignorant be ignorant. Tha way I have heard this child malesting b**ch talk. He has sex with other people and uses that boy as his clean up man.
Sometime two maybe three times a day. Which he thinks he's competing with me, over a relationship. When tha b**ch is just trying to spread diseases, althrough. What somebody has him thinking is my family tree and have me kicked off of it. When I have already kicked myself off. Its too disfunctional. I just had to get it off my chest. I know to myself is crazy, but just look around you. The land is beautiful, its tha people that are ugly.

Love and Peace
Roy and Rae

P.S. He curse U'r name and admitted it. I guess I'm tha fool. U prev.

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