My Life by Jen
2001-05-21 01:33:28 (UTC)

I have a pirhanna.

Yeah. I have a pirhanna. He eats goldfish. It must be so
simple to live the life as a fish. You've got no worries.

Ah well.

I went to a party last night for this nice long
weekend...and it was fun:) There's this guy that I kind of
have a crush on there....ya see, I don't know if he likes
me, but I think that it turned out that he did like me, It
wouldn't be fun anymore. I think its just a crush. It's

I don't know if anyone else has ever felt the same way.
Who knows.

Anyway, I'm feeling...not so good today after last night,
but it was so worth it.

Man, if someone is reading this, I feel really bad for you,
cause this is some really boring stuff.

But I'm having fun.


Well, I better get going, I need to sleep off this