life as it is
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2002-04-03 03:04:48 (UTC)


The long weekend has finally come to a screeching halt. I
hate being used, and i am quite a bit. So I talked to J
today, he is getting with this german girl. It just makes
me feel very lied to. cause when we were together he spent
a lot of alone time together with her and said it was no
big deal......but now i guess it is. I dont think M is
interested at all, i really really do not. Where is Laura
when I really need her? I hope T got the letter I sent him,
I miss him like crazy...i really wish I could just talk to
him to make sure hes ok. I had a dream last night that he
came back but he was all changed, he was an ass hole and
stuff. I dont know if K is mad at me still or what, i am
just getting sick of it now more than anything. My grades
have definitely plumetted in a downward spiral, never to be
retreaved. i'm really depressed all of a sudden again. I
wish I could just be happy.