OhBaby It Is Me

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2002-04-03 03:01:24 (UTC)

Is it alright to still feel this way?

I will do any thing to get me out of this damn house.
I hate every fucking thing that goes on here and I hate all
the fucking things that people say here. It pisses me off
so bad that I just want to scream. My sister is the
fucking biggest bitch on this God for Sanken planet. I
don’t want to be here any more. I just fucking want to
leave. Screw this fucking place. I’m not physically able
to put up with the fucking shit that happens here.
Anything would be better then this. I just want anything
but this, anything. I wish I was one of those kids that no
one gave a fuck about. I really really do. I can’t stand
my damn fucking sister. She can’t have a fucking life of
her own, she fucking feeds off mine. She can’t have
friends of her own, so she fucking brain washes mine. Well
fine you all, FUCK YOU, I don’t need any of you at all. I
am my own fucking person, the one that you don’t want to
know. I’ve had enough of all you stupid people being so
fucking dumb. Screw all of you. From now on I’m not gonna
try to be nice to anyone or try not to hurt any ones
feelings. You’ve all fucked with my emotions too much, now
it’s my turn. It’s my turn to show you all what I’m made
of. I am who I am because I dare to be, if you don’t like
it, fuck off. I’m tired of trying to please everyone, it’s
gotten me no where, so screw it, screw it all.


When I was a boy I had a lot of fun
I lived by the sea, I was a fisherman's son
My mother she was a fisherman's wife
She was scrubbing floors most of her life

They said screw you
I ain't got nothing to lose
I could paper a matchbox
With the money I use

At the school I attended I got into fights
I was beaten in an alley on a cold winter night
The teachers cared less for the blood in our veins
They got most of their thrills out of using a cane

They said screw you
Oh you bloody young fools
I could get more sense
Out of the back end of a mule

So you see there's man who get paid for being slaves
And men who get paid for being free
And there's men behind bars who pray for the light
And men in the suburbs who pray for the night
And they're all trying to climb to the top of the mine
And all of them say most of the way
Screw you

I worked in the mill from seven till nine
Tears in my eyes nearly drove me half-blind
Trying to make wages that weren't even there
Taking hell from a foreman with the build of a bear

He said screw you
This is all you'll ever do
It's the only existence for someone like you

(no idea)

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