down in my eyes
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2002-04-03 02:52:12 (UTC)


21 days, till i'm gone.. There's soo much crap to take
care of, in the last month.: packing,.. planning,..
organizing. Maan.
I hate procrastinating, but,that's what i do best, iguess,.
But, who doesnt, sometimes?
I totally should've started a coupla months ago, tho..

My Boxcar Racer(Blink) show is in an hour.. I didnt get
to talk to him today.... I just DID speak with Dj, tho.
He's gonna be at the show! 'N he told me to go say hi
to him. Awesome. Now, i'm just waiting...:

me: do u like crowd surfing, Dj..?
me: I mean, dont you get fondled alot..?!?
Dj: ahhh yah - love being fondled

lol. WeirdO. =P

"And it'll happen once again.. you'll turn to a friend..
Someone who understands.. But everybody's gone..
And i've been here for too long.."

-Blink 182