lesley's life
2001-05-21 00:56:38 (UTC)

day five

dear diary,
am sorry that a never got to keep you in informed
last night but things were soo weird......... let me begin
a went out to the pics last night on a date with
christopher it kinnda felt weird and all but a soon got
over that we went to the pub first then to the pics but
never stayed there long (ha long story) anyway it was so
weird knowing that a was with the guy a thought only a
couple of days before that a would never be with him again!
a couldnt stop smiling at him and telling him how much a
loved him a also didnt feel to stuoid telling him that as
he was saying that to me also a was/am sooo happy!

Tonight a wentover to his the first time in his house
since the night we fell out a was realy dreading seeing his
parents a didnt no what to say but some how it was cool
awas quit pleased that they didne act strnge towars me but
they didnt have any reasonto be strange(there class folks a
like them)hope they feel that way towards me a dont really
care to be honest as long as ma man likes me and loves me
shoot the rest of the fucking world.......

a was on the fone to ma m8 lesley_anne she is nuts a think
shes glad that am back with him(a aint crying on her
shoulder all the time now) shes been there or me the past
weeks ha and shes funny anyway am getting sooo tired had
all ma energy tolk out me hahaha weve got two weeks to make
up for ha....................

aw well nightnight diary....
lotsa love lesleyxxxx

ps am deffinatly in love whooooooooooooo

lesley mcginty
christopher mcfadyen
4 evaxxxxxxx