LeaMarie Roquet

Priestess Of Fire
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2002-04-03 00:24:07 (UTC)

*bouncing around* She's gone

The old bat's left the house for a coupla days and I
couldn't be happier! It's a good thing she's gone for a couple of
days. I'm really getting sick of her trying to start a fight every
time I turn around.
On a totally differnt note, I'm writing again! It's
been a while and I just jumped back on the horse. I've
fallen off a couple of times, but Tiki's laughed me back
into the saddle. *winces at all the horse talk.* I don't
even know anything about horses! I need to get going
though. I've still got a ton of stuffs to do, and befor Dad
gets home too. Set building is going to be taking a lot of
time in the up comming weeks. Oh, and my dance recital too!

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