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2002-04-03 00:04:40 (UTC)

funny day today

today was funny, there was this guy that thinks he's god's
gift to women & that he can have any girl. He was all you
ge that girls name & you get that girls name & blah blah &
he didnt do nuthing....noone else either lol. so in class
we didnt do nuthing either just watch a demonstration &
stuff. this girl passed through the door & he said damn!!
so I said I bet I can get you her name, & he said no way
you cant get a girl like that to talk to you,..so I went
over called her & took her to the classroom & told her he
wanted to know her name & he said that a girl like her
wouldnt listen to a kid like me. he was getting all red &
embarrased & could barely look at her. lol she said her
name and said of course I'd listen to a cute kid like you &
she kissed my cheek so her lipstick would mark me(thats
anoying, but it doesnt happen often anyway ) & left. they
where all like OMG! & he was still red & forgot his own

oh & they dont know she's an old friend from highschool lol

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