love and sex and miss-matched socks
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2002-04-02 23:34:43 (UTC)

i saw his penis

Daniel took me home from the party/hang out/sleep over
thing... he took me to my house... he asked me why i was
acting so distant from him last night and i told him i
didnt mean to but he was getting a little to friendly...
and i would rather not go down that path with him because
we are good friends and hes jessicas brother... and he was
sad but seemed to understand.
i showered... napped... ate... etc... and jessica came and
we went over to her house... daniel was there taking a
shower... and he didnt know i was there and he walked out
butt freakin naked and into jessicas room. omg. i was
sitting on her bed and he looked at me like he forgot he
was naked. omg. and he just kept talking to jessica like i
wasnt even there... and all i could do was stare at his
*you know* but i didnt want to... and it was so god damned
embarrassing for me... and i held a pillow up to my face
and rolled over on my stomache and tried to crawl off the
other side of the bed head first. they both thought i was
so freaking weird.
is it normal to walk around naked and talk to your family
and their friends butt naked?
not in my house.
well they thought I I I I ME ME ME was the weird one. i
im still quite embarrassed.

i guess if you got no shame... might as well play the game.
maybe we've known eachother for a while and hes comfortable around
me... but no. im not. thats gross. people need to wear clothes...
especially with someone whos never seen you naked before... unless i
wanted to see him naked... but i have never thought about having sex
with daniel. i was really horny last night and when i woke up this
morning and it subsided through out the day and this totally pushed
it down. and thats weird because seeing a guy my age naked should be
a turn on and his confidance should def be a turn on. but i cant get
over it. i guess because he wasnt invited... his nakedness... not
welcome in my brain. ew. god hes so hot though. great body. no. bad
miranda. no. no. no. bad.
ok. thats my update for the day.
im so tired and mean so ill probably sleep the rest of the


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