Queen Bee

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2002-04-02 22:10:45 (UTC)

yeah im pretty must clinically insane now.

My house. the breathing ground for everything that sux
and is crappy. my house is gross. its messy and no matter
how much i clean i get yelled at. my room is suppose to be
my room instead its another fucking place for my mother to
keep the 20 pounds of fucking clothes she has. so i have no
place to put mine. cuz i dont have clothes apparently, soo
i dont need places to put my 1400 pairs of pants. and then
i am getting sick of being ignored. i could be standing
here with a knife in my hand yelling i am going to kill
myself and everyone would jsut look at me for sec then
turn away and go do something else. or just plain ignore me
all together. if i have a problem no one cares but then if
they have one, i have to be all ears. i mean yes people
sometimes ask if im okay but im expected to do it all the
time. its like everyones attention is one someone or
something else more interesting. and when raven and boy get
around each other its like im not there to either of them.
all i have to say is fuck you all. just fuck eryone out
there. and of course now that boy moved in with us, raven
is always over here but not to see me , that would be too
much. now i love her more than anything but god, i just
want people to notice im fucking there for once. then me
and my b/f god. he doesnt call, he says hes gonna come
over, he doesnt and half the time when he says hes gonna
call he never does. i fucking hate you all. im done with
it. im sick and tired of being ignored. just fuck you all.
go take a flying leap of the tallest building you can find.

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