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2002-04-02 21:20:06 (UTC)

field trip and tiles

ugh...had to get up at 5:30 this morning for a field trip.
i was so dead. we drove about an hour away (to the
mississippi) and watched ducks and geese. we even saw a
kingfisher. very pretty bird. i didn't realize how big
they were. got some cookies, thanks to the teacher. we
stopped at his favorite bakery and bought cookies for the
whole class. we had to do a taste test lol. oatmeal won
by one. too damn early to be bird watching, but still
fun. came home and went to sleep.

started making tiles in design today. mine actually line
up. i was very surprised. it's a sun type design. it
takes four tiles to make one sun. i made five today, but
one was in pretty bad shape, so i tossed it. not too bad
considering he spent half the class period talking. i
might go in tonight and make some more. not sure yet. oh,
wait. can't. i have to get my metals assignment done, and
i have a test at 8:00. that means i'll have to get up at 6
and go study tomorrow morning. ack. ah well. that's how
it goes i guess.

for our next metals assignment (and last), we have to
design either a jewelry piece or small sculptural piece
based on a quote, song lyrics, or story. sounds kinda
fun. i've got an idea for a neck piece. my quote would
be 'one man's trash in another man's treasure'...i'd do the
base in copper, then patina it to make it look kinda
trashy. i have a small mirror, and i want to break that
and use the pieces of that in place of stones or jewels.
symbolic piece...you can figure it out i'm sure. i'm not
sure what else yet. we only have to have 3 designs. it
would be fun to do something sculptural. i might do
something from the inferno...had an idea for the gates of

alrighty, much to do so i best start researching for my
metals class. this could take a while.