the true confessions of a depressed PuNk
2002-04-02 19:58:20 (UTC)

last Night she said...

Well I was hanging out with Eve last night like I always
do. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. We just talked and
watched TV. I wanted to start an important converstaion
with her but i didn't know what to say. She just said how
her life sucks and how she's always arguing with someone. I
think her and Lance got into a fight about something. Well
I'm hanging out with her later today and maybe I can
initiate something. I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks to
everyone that replied to me. I need to know someone is
listening. This journal was a better idea than I thought
it'd be. Wish me luck.

by the way i'm starting another journal. it'll be a lot
less depressing. i'll let you know what it's called as soon
as i make it.

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