Mysterious Attitude
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2002-04-02 19:47:55 (UTC)


Well... I can't wait to tell about what happened
between me and Justin from March 31(Easter) till late night
April 1. I wanted to stay the night at Renee's house on
Easter cuz Justin was going to be leaving back to tha
replacent house that following Monday. My aunt said that I
could but I didn't know there was so many people staying
over there; Me,Joe,Justin,Ce Ce, Kim, & Chrissy. None of us
had any ideas where we were going to sleep but later here
is how the sleeping arrangements were set up. Chrissy was
going to sleep in Renee's spear bedroom, all tha kids in
tha basement; The rest of this will be done with a true story I am
writing. I still have to finish it, but I close to be done.

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