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2002-04-02 18:53:09 (UTC)

Easter, the fun sequel

I told my mom that I had wanted to dye Easter eggs b/c we
always do. :-) So we did dye eggs and I had fun. :-p
Daniel even joined in. He enjoyed it...even if he says he
I got to see Beth and Blake this weekend. I was excited
about that. Yes, they made fun of my lack of driving at
the marina that once AND brought up the Applebee's incident
again. Ok, how was I supposed to know that they were
already there? I was just waiting on them!
I left Sparkles at home this weekend....on purpose. It's
that time of year where I need to start taking stuff home
little by little so hopefully I don't have as many random
things by the time May rolls around. Hopefully my brother
can remember to feed him. I left him detailed
instructions. It's kinda lonely here without him, can't
turn around and face the fridge and say...."What's up
Sparkles?" anymore. No...seriously...ask my roommate, I
frequently did that. :-p
Sunday morning I got up really really early. Ok, well
first of all I didn't get in until around midnight and then
I had to do a load of laundry. So I went to bed probably
around 1. I got up at 5:15 or so to go to our sunrise
service. The youth always fix breakfast for the sunrise
service. My brother was in charge of busicuts, my dad
scrambled eggs and my mom made grits. So....I did random
things such as cracking eggs, fixing plates, washing
dishes, whatever needed to be done. I really enjoyed it.
Before everyone got there I went out to the cross in front
of our church. On Easter morning when everyone arrives it
is covered in fresh flowers. We had brought some of the
red buds from the trees around our house to use on the
breakfast tables and I took the rest out to the cross. It
was just very peaceful out there in the early morning
putting flowers on the cross. I think 1 of the reasons I
enjoyed working the breakfast so much was b/c it was
somewhat of a comfort for me. I had done it for 7 or 8
years...I knew what was expected, what was going to
happen. I just did it, and knew I was helping others, and
doing it b/c I wanted to...not b/c it was expected of me.
Just some thoughts.